Does the idea of bringing your business online

fill your heart with excitement and your stomach with knots?

You know that in 2019 you must have a digital presence, but you are not sure where to start.

Where do I get a domain? How do I get my domain live so people can see it? What does live even mean??

This is where I come in! I will build your site… and show you how to use it independently in just 14 days.

Kristina was able to capture my voice, and let it sing through my website.

So you are wondering… how do I know a Squarespace site is right for me? Well… just ask yourself a few questions!

  1. Do you have $144/year to host your site?

  2. Do you want a site that is easy for you to maintain on your own with minimal outside help?

  3. Do you run a small local business? Do you have a blog? Do you need to show off your art? Do you sell a variety of less than 200 products online?

  4. Do you want to put ads on your site?

  5. Do you want to use your site to increase traffic to your business (physical or online)?

If you are finding that any of the above statements are true, chances are, a Squarespace site is what you've been lookin' for!

Kristina was so much about helping me attract the clients I want.


I launched Krisp Creative in 2017 to help entrepreneurs take their business to the next level. It’s a fact of the times that a business has to have a strong online presence for success. A solid online identity will help boost your business no matter the industry you’re in. From restaurants, to architects, the easiest way to let people know what you’re about is through an exceptional website!