"The company I had attempted to work with before never made any attempt to know me and they took forever in getting a site launched.  I was left with some boiler plate site that did not convey my authentic way of doing business at all. Kristina's process was thorough, thoughtful, and of course quick. I had no idea it was even possible to have my site up and running in three weeks!" 

- Teresa Lynne www.TeresaSellsATL.com


"Kristina's process is so thorough. I had no idea what I needed in a site going into it, but just knew I needed a website to display my art to as many people as possible. Kristina walked me through each step of the way and made sure I was completely satisfied before handing my site over." 

-Brenda Jobin www.BrendaJobinArt.com


"Working with Kristina was... A pleasurable experience to say the least. Everything was timely & beautiful.

Kristina was the right choice of a Squarespace web designer for me because... She took the time to ask me my career goals & what I needed from a website. She walked me through creating my mood board and made sure we were on the same page with my branding and color palette. She took time to listen to what I wanted, and explained the best way to execute my vision using best design practices. I couldn't be happier with the result."

- Melanie Booth www.Smelaniebooth.com


“Working with Kristina the first time was such a joy that when I started planning an annual charity fundraiser I knew there wasn’t anyone else I wanted to call to put together the website for my event. I was trying to attract sizable donations and drive ticket sales, and Kristina’s design has been indispensable in doing so. She generously donated her time and I can’t thank her enough for the contribution she has made to our cause.”

- Teresa Lynne www.divapalooza.org

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