I got so excited about telling you about what I do I forgot to introduce myself!

The Who

I'm Kristina, the founder of Krisp Creative. I am so glad you stopped by! I started my company to help entrepreneurs like yourself reach your business goals by making your business shine on it’s website.

The What

I really like building websites. I love the challenge of helping you design your best sitemap, calls to actions, and color palettes to make your site a stand alone among your peers.

The Why

I am passionate about empowering you to spend your time on what matters most - your clients, your future business goals, and maybe even a good book. Running a business comes with a very long to do list. I believe building your website should not be something you need to stress yourself out with. I will be busy building your dream site so you can focus on the parts of your business that require your expertise.

The How

My unique design process has been expertly developed through much trial and error to bring you the easiest, and least stressful website building process possible by working one-on-one with your very own website design guru!


At Krisp Creative we will:

  • Work exclusively with you for your booked dates
  • Help guide you through the mood board, branding process

  • Build your dream site in 21 days

  • Pop the bubbly with you!